This is the popular Twitter handle that is being broadcast across not only our nation but also the world concerning the over 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram. I’ve spent the last couple days, thinking about my mother, as we in America celebrated Mother’s Day this past weekend. I thought of the wonderful, important and often times thankless job of being a mother, a crisis manager, nurse, teacher, chef, maid, seamstress, and nurturer. Like many of you, I thought of my mom’s sacrifices in the love that she showed raising her children and making sure that the family was safe and secure and provided for.

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a dizzy attack towards women, not just mothers, but women in general so I do not exclude those women without physical children. What is the catalyst? Why the call of emotional and physical terrorism against women across the world? Even in this nation, women and women’s rights are being attacked. Is it because of the insecurities of weak-minded men? Is it, because of the society in which we lived, we now can feel free to devalue those who we are to treasure? Do they who would propel us forward in life so easily intimidate us? I look at the nations and cultures that deny women’s access to education and careers that seemingly wants women to languish at home, unseen and unheard, out of sight, out of mind. Now I recognize some of it is cultural tradition but yet when we are stuck in tradition we are also stuck in era of time and ultimately left behind to our own hurt. I am a firm believer in the Word of God and when he declared “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness”, the Bible says male and female He created them.

Out of man came wo-man, or a man with a womb. God made them both to reign and rule over His creation NOT each other. Yet some men have taken it to another level of oppression. Are we, men, so insecure, so weak minded that we do not recognize the treasure of uniting together. Must you force 200 Christian girls to hypocritically accept another religion just to make you feel good? Those men who would perpetrate such thing shows to me a mind that can only fell bolstered by oppressive tactics.

Even in our own country, men who would blatantly lie and blatantly distort, blatantly manipulate, not for the good of the nation as they espouse but for their own personal gain, whether politically and/or financially seek to suppress womanhood. We should stand up and declare that the bully deceptive voice be silent. We should declare that apathy will no longer be our personality or character. When will this cowardly giant standup? I know you might be used to the term “sleeping giant” but sometimes I wonder if the giant is asleep or is he just a coward, afraid of confrontation. When will we recognize that God has given us a treasure? Proverbs ask the question, “Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies”. Men rise up and quit hiding under false pretenses. Be who you are called to be and protect what has been given to you. Build a fence, impenetrable and unyielding against the onslaught. No more politics. No more political games, no party politics. Hash tag… rise up men and be all that you were called to be. Do you want an example, read 1 Samuel chapter 30. Men let us have the mindset of King David. What if it was your daughter, granddaughter, niece that was abducted? What would be your reaction, or even more telling your action? I know others are reading this blog in other countries besides the United States so the call to RISE UP is internationally. Evil only triumphs when good men do NOTHING and the time of “do nothing, say nothing” has long passed.