There Is No God!!

This week I received a comment attached to my post “Murder Suicide” and the comment content did not appear however the heading statement was the following: 


So here is my response.

First let me say…Thanks, feedback and comments are welcome and encouraged. Sincerely. Now to address the above:

Yep, you are probably right, FOR YOU, there is no God, human soul or eternal life. Who knows, there might not be a you or me. For that matter, did I write this blog or was it machine generated? Am I one or many posing as one? Am I real or fiction? Questions!! However, I have lived, experienced and recognized enough in my life to have long answered those deceptive questions concerning His being and existence, eternal life and soul and spirit. If you read any of my postings you would understand I am not about religion, I am more concern with relationship. So the statement of God’s existence or not has long ceased to be a dilemma of questioning for me. They were answered around 1963. So no more struggles with that issue.

Then comes the next question on what make my God, God? What about the god of the other faiths? I do not have an answer to gods I do not know. There are to many of them to keep up with. Some countries have more than 2,000 gods. I cannot keep up with that number, HOWEVER I do KNOW about my One God. He is cool. Unlike the god of other’s (including Christians), He does not require me to threaten, bully, force, or coerce you in accepting Him. Free will..people, you choose. You know a bully illustrates the weakest of traits in their own beliefs and character. If God needs me to force others to accept him, then who really has the power? Who really is God? Me or him? Forced love is never love at all. We all know that to be true. Believer or non-believer does not change the existence of the subject matter, one way or another.

Understand I am not here to convince anyone on His existence or your own existence in religionship (yes, I made up that word) to Him.. It is not my job to prove or disprove Deity. I am sure there are some natives in New Guinea that have only experienced their own small village of 100 people all their lives, who would doubt the existence of a creature with blond hair and blue eyes and white skin if someone would declare that truth to them. God, (or no God) forbid the idea of men flying miles in the air inside of machines. So your position is your position, cool! My knowing is my knowing. Two ends of the spectrum clearly defined. You see the seen, I see the unseen. Unfortunately, most people are in the middle of this spectrum. What I mean by that is they believe in God at their convenience. You clearly see that illustrated by how they conduct their everyday life. God is only good when good happens. He is only real when it fits their agenda and plans. So God or no God, soul or no soul, eternal life or no eternal life, who is right, who is wrong? I am sure the end of time, as we know it, will reveal the answer to those who still question. I can only answer for myself and no one else. Not only is HE my God.. but more importantly He is my FATHER! (relationship). Ahhh, my soul just smiled and did the happy dance.

It is curious though for someone who declares there is no SOMEONE, reads a blog about the One someone is in relationship with. BUT… by mere happenstance I did write a previous post titled “Ha…I made you look”.

Be happy and content my life comrade in the nowness of today, if that be your stance because there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is always an unattainable futuristic destination, never lived, only dreamed and planned for.


Ha… I Made You Look

There is a series of commercials that are playing here in Florida advertising the Geico Insurance Company. I love the commercials taglines. One of the taglines is “did you know that old McDonald was a bad speller”? (I love that one) There is another commercial that’s asks, “Did you know that Pinocchio is an awful motivational speaker”? There’s one more that I saw that that sparked my heart and initiated a thought. This tagline asks the question, “Did you know that there is an oldest trick in the book”? This centers around the trick we all have played when we were younger, remember? You would say to a friend or a sibling, look over there is a (fill in the gap) and the other person would turn their head and look. Then you would start laughing and say, “I made you look”.  

What came to my mind was the event that took place in the Garden of Eden between Eve and the serpent. I said to myself there is an oldest trick in the book and he made her look. Unfortunately many today are still falling for this ploy. Understand this truth is not relegated to just religion so if you are reading this blog entry and not religious keep reading. Truth is truth. In Genesis 3:1-6 we find the serpent saying to Eve “has God indeed said”? He must first get you unstable; he must get you to second-guess yourself. Verse six says and when the woman saw or when the woman “looked” and interpreted in her own mind and heart that this tree was good for food, (something that would sustain her), pleasing to the eye, (something that would externally validate her choice) and something to be desired to make one wise, she took some and ate of it. Just in looking, window-shopping, can make you discontented in what you already have. The primitive root word for Serpent means, to hiss, i.e. whisper a (magic) spell; generally, to use enchantment. This also is the same word, which means bronze in Hebrew in Numbers 21:9. It means shiny as brass.  Side note… why did it not appear strange to Eve that this creature was communicating with her? She did not appear to question the source, let alone the directive.This particular creature unlike any other had a mesmerizing effect on Eve. The real spirit, within this serpent that approached Eve was the shining one, presenting an aura of beauty and smooth words of half-truths. He sold the adventurous yet false possibilities but clever left out the devastating destination. You shall not surely die, he said. What concept did Eve have of death? She had never been down this road before, she never even seen death, so how could she understand its ramifications. His beauty awed her, his “hiss” enchanted her and she listened to his whisperings. Question…how many times have situations, circumstances, curiosity, frustration, boredom, successes, inferiority complexes, pride, fame, fear, familiarity, and impatience “hissed” and “made you look”? Why did it seem strange to other people in your life that you, one who have so much going for themselves, would listen to the “hiss”? Smoke this, do that, sleep with them, snort this. How many of your acquaintances tried to warn you not to “look”? And while you were looking, something far more valuable was being taken from you, not by force but by your choice.

In our childhood whenever someone fell for that trick nothing usually was lost but juvenile pride or maybe sometimes a piece of candy or a cookie was taken while your head was turned. However, in the case of the oldest trick in the book, the woman lost sight of who she was. She averted her focus from her position, her value, what she already possessed, to submit to the “hiss”. The “ hiss” of the serpent enticed Eve to listen to him and to seek something falsely greater. It caused her to lose sight that she was already one with the Greater One.

What do you think is more powerful: physical strength or the power of words? Words have a way of affecting us. Words can hurt or energize. They can either bind or release you. Words can strengthen or tear down. Words can worry you or set you free. The power of a few words is amazing. 

Generally, when people get their own way with others or wish to deceive or enslave others, they do it with words; they want others to agree with their point of view, give them what they want, do what they ask and buy what they are selling. From the car salesman’s hard sell, the hammering of TV commercials, the relative’s request for a loan, the seduction and/or assault of words is continuous.

Words have the power to manipulate other people’s thinking, behavior, and focus. The world has been affected in many ways as a result of voices. Voices speak to you daily to sway you from the fold of rightness, fairness and integrity. You hear the “hiss” on the job. You hear it at home. Our kids are hearing conflicting “hissing” voices. Our lives are being filled with unnatural “hissing” voices from the entertainment world. You can’t take in the sound of these voices and not be affected. They will cause you to look. The voices of the world tell us that you can pull the trigger on a gun and you won’t be held accountable. These voices promote promiscuity, adultery, pornography, the chase of money and unethical lifestyles. The voices say you can be anything, say anything, or do anything and you will be all right in the end.

When it seems your life is bombarded with voices after voices and your soul is confused, all you need to do is listen to the VOICE that speaks clearly. There are many voices that vie for our attention, but only one voice that calms the troubled waters of our soul. It is God the Father’s voice that can resurrect the dreams, calling and purpose that we have given away. We were created to reign over His creation not to be enslaved by it. It is his voice that can call light into a dark situation. Even if you may have “looked”, His voice will still search you out in the cool of the day and ultimately reconcile you back to Himself. There are many voices in our world today. Who’s voice are you listening to?

Breaking News! Escape Plot Foiled….

It ALMOST happened just this week. One of the world’s most heinous prisoners almost escaped again. If this prisoner is ever let loose or escapes imprisonment he causes irrevocable harm to individuals and societies as a whole. What is the name of the prisoner? Last name- Quit, first name, Just! His power is immeasurable and his lasting effect is unknown, but we must continually, steadfastly and with diligent relentlessness guard this villain in order to achieve our potential and calling.

When we think of “guard” we immediately think to protect from harm, keep watch over: as in to guard a bank or guard the President.  But in this case I am applying the second definition of the word “guard”. That is to prevent escape or violence as in guarding a prisoner, or in other words, to surround, enclose, and to keep watch.

I was thinking on this passage the other day and I thought how true these words are.

Psalm 27:3 – “I had fainted, (I would let “Just Quit” free) unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”

We have all been there and yes sometimes we revisit this place periodically. This place is the mindset of wanting to quit. It’s funny. You see other day “Just Quit” was talking to me from his cell, whispering set me free. I was thinking why am I writing a blog? Are there people really interested in reading my thoughts? Why am I persevering through this change and why am I putting up with this environment? Open your eyes, nothing is happening. Yes I almost abandoned my duty and set “just Quit” free, but I remembered one of my loyal friends named “Just Believe” and thought I may not see it with my natural eye at this moment but I will guard my “quit”.

I grew up in the generation where cowboy shows on American television was big in the 1960s. Sometimes there would be an episode where a man was arrested and put into the jail and the sheriff or deputy would have to guard the prisoner. He would be assigned to make sure he did not escape but on top of that he would have to deal with external influences. Those influences were prisoner’s relatives that would issue threats and ultimatums. They would shout out warnings and demand that their relative be set free from the prison cell. That is the same scenario we go through today. The enemy of our goals speaks to our mind words of discouragement. This is mainly a blog on Christian thoughts but the scenario is not limited to Christian or religious experiences. It is relevant in all scenarios. You see there are many areas we are tempted to “just quit”. There are areas of relationships, personal disciplines, educational and career pursuits, eating and health habits, exercise and we are tempted to throw in the towel and let “Just Quit” out of jail. We get tired of the struggle, we get tired of the amount of time and effort it takes to achieve our goal that seems to move further away despite our pursuit of it. We get discouraged when we see others who have seemingly succeeded and everything for them has turned out right. But yet even more, we should guard against our “just quit”. Possibly, just possibly those who have achieved stayed on their post and guarded their “just quit”.

It is during the roughest, darkest times that we are tempted to abandon our position and to let “just quit” out of jail. We hear the voices of the external influences in the midnight hour demanding a choice of surrender and release. Understand this is not a religious issue. It’s a human issue that we all face. It does not the matter the religion, the denomination, the culture, creed or race. We all continually are tempted to give up and set free, “Just Quit”. No one is exempt. In guarding “just quit” do not submit to the relatives that are trying to get you to let him go free. I had fainted unless I believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I would have quit, I would do something else, I would try it my own way when being a follower of Jesus Christ seems to be a slow unproductive journey at times had not I believed to see. I would have  “just quit” pursuing my Bachelors degree after starting college at the tender age of 50 had I not believed. I would have pursued unethical business practices had I not believed. I would not chase entrepreneurism had I not believed.

Let me state this, failure is not related in any way to “just quit”. Failure at least shows attempt. When you fail at attempting something it rules out one formula and makes clearer the right formula. Many whom we most admire in the world have failed in their pursuit before grasping success but they did not give up and “just quit”.  No, do not shy from failure, but stay away from “just quit’s” best friend, the FEAR of failure. Their DNA is almost identical.

The Bible says Galatians 6:9 – “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” (If we do not fail to guard our “Just Quit”)

So if you’re doing well and your intentions, motives and heart is to do well, guard your “just quit” however if you’re not doing well and in your heart you know it is not your objective to do well, set the prisoner free and “Just Quit” it.