Ok, I have a secret that I’m only sharing with you. Do not tell anyone but about a year ago I was getting ready for work and I was fixing some sausage and egg for breakfast. However the sausage was frozen and in my haste and my foolishness I tried to pry the frozen sausage patties lose from one another with a steak knife. I know, I know in my mind I knew it was wrong. As I was holding the sausage in one hand and the steak knife in the other something inside said I would not do that if I were you and I am you. But being impatient I continued to apply pressure thinking that if I pushed just enough the two frozen patties would pry loose. Apparently they were looser than what I thought and the knife went through the patties and the knife continued and went through the palm of my hand just below the knuckles. Needless to say there was a lot of pain, a lot of blood and I was like STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. I drove the knife about a quarter inch deep in my palm and as I pulled it out there was blood all over the place. My wife, who is a nurse, came out of our bedroom, saw the situation and tried to stop the bleeding. But realizing that it was deeper and more serious then we could handle at home, we went to the emergency room. I had it cleaned, got stitches and went home with my hand wrapped in a bandage. I went to work that day as if nothing happened and continued on with my life. The pain was extreme at the point of entry but I also noticed numbness in one of my fingers. As time went on, the numbness continued. In fact it even got worse while the point of entry of where the knife went through my palm seem to get better.

Fast forward a couple months you cannot even tell that I have injured my hand however pain has continued to be recognized in my finger. So much to the point that at one time it was almost useless. I just kind of held it out-of-the-way. I am a musician and I didn’t use my finger as I normally would do. In fact anything that required usage of the left hand, I did not use that finger. It just stood out with tingling and pain shooting to the very fingertips. Even if I touch something my finger registered pain and caused me to react differently than I normally would with my left hand. I later learned there was damage in my palm that severed the nerve casing and the nerve that was directly connected to this particular finger. Yet the point of injury was not the point of pain.

Today, almost a year later, there is numbness and occasional pain; even to the point of just trimming my fingernail feel very uncomfortable.

My point in saying all this is life sometimes causes us pain but most times it is not the point of injury. Case in point, I know people who have been molested as children but yet today 30, 40, 50 years later, the pain of that injury is still being felt and recognize and causing impotency and causing abnormal decisions to be made because of the healing that still needs to be done. Yes, they can say well this happened to me as a child and I’m over it but every inclination whether that is promiscuous behavior, drugs alcohol, untethered shopping and spending, overeating, anger, depression, or unhealthy relationships’ could have been initiated by the injury. Yet we live our lives in pain, numbness and out of balance. We all have been injured in someway another maybe not as drastic as the scenario I just proposed. Maybe it’s feeling like you have never been respected and made to feel inadequate. So now you are very touchy and the least little thing can set you off. Almost everyone and I mean everyone has a hot button and you wonder where that comes from.

Our point and our time of injury is not a problem for God to bring healing. He is not limited by time. He is God yesterday today and forever. He is not subject to time, space or matter and he can speak to your past your future and your today at the same time. He desires for us that we might have life abundantly and that we might live and enjoy the fullness of life. However, sometimes we have to address the point of injury. Do not be afraid because it is only for your good as you move forward in life. Is this an easy process? No. Is it a quick process? No, but it is and can be a steady process.

I forcibly now make myself use the finger that registers pain because I recognize that the finger was never injured the palm of my hand received the injury. So I must overlook and must break through and continue to press through the numbness and the pain of the finger to where the usage of it becomes a normal part of my life. When I play the keyboard I am not having the finger in the air but I’m using that finger to help bring beautiful melody and music to those who would hear. The same applies for you and life. Press through the numbness, press through the un-comfortableness so that you might bring forth what you have been called to do. Do not let the things of the past influence your present and future. No it’s not easy but with the help of the Father and with determination you can be successful. While the point of injury is different than the point of pain through it all you can obtain the wholeness the completeness the victory and the purpose of your life’s calling.