It’s Uncomfortable, But I’m Still Standing

Having done all to stand… stand! I was once again reminded of that scripture in two ways recently. First I saw soldiers guarding the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was a TV news clip I saw during the snowstorm in D.C. The snow and sleet was falling and the temperature was below 15 degrees, yet the 3 soldiers remain at their post undaunted, moved or phased by the external attack. The only thing that matters is their internal commitment and their resolve to guard the remains of someone(s) whom they do not know.  How much more should we be as diligent in our commitment? Letting go of our personal ego, the thought that I am doing it. Letting the compassion, the expression of love to all people, arise and have dominion. In doing this we will have the passion to stand in the strength of God.

I personally have faced the onslaught of a winter storm very recently in my professional life. Being committed to stand and display honor to my employer yet enduring an external assault from within. Having done all to stand, I stand even till this day. I heard in my spirit Isaiah 59, “when the enemy shall come in like a flood, then the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a STANDard against him. Do I understand? No! Is it fair? No. But I know that my Dad is in control. In order for Him to rule my life I have to let go of me, my ego and allow Him. Dr. Dyer describes ego as “edging God out”. Man isn’t that true. Whatever you are assigned to do, do it with willingness, compassion, commitment, and love. Having done all to stand… STAND.

One thought on “It’s Uncomfortable, But I’m Still Standing

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